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The Mid-Morning Dump: Can the Cyclones Surprise the Jayhawks Again?

Into the Phog the Cyclones go, looking to make it 2 straight

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Projecting the 2018 Top 25. Guess who made the cut.... (hint: it’s Iowa State).

Are the Jayhawks vulnerable? That’s the word on the street, and the Cyclones hope to answer that question in the affirmative tonight.

Keep it simple, stupid. That’s the best way for Iowa State to improve and end the losing streak.

Prospecting prospects. Let’s take a look at four Iowa State MBB targets to keep an eye one during the recruiting period.

MOCK. ING. BIRD. YEAH. MOCK. DRAFT. Football is over, which means the parent’s basement-dwelling mock draftsters take center stage from now until April.

Storms abound in the Northeast. As if the ice wasn’t enough, Tom Brady has promised a weekend storm after a week’s worth of rumors.

LAVARRRR BALLLLL. Is back in the news again. This time, he’s managed to start a war between NBA head coaches and ESPN.

Soccer news! Fox is expanding it’s coverage of the upcoming World Cup to both SnapChat and Twitter.

Officiating hot take! Is sports officiating actually getting worse, or are we just being harsher and more persistent critics?

The party is now officially started. Pink is singing the National Anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl.

Maybe Al Gore was right. While the coastal east is getting pounded by ice storms, 10 km of a highway in Australia is literally melting.

Shit Bandit terrorizing Arkansas. A serial pooper in Arkansas, undoubtedly a copy-cat of the infamous ‘Mad Pooper’ woman jogger who terrorized a Colorado Springs, is jogging and logging on the same woman’s lawn.

Ugh, fine, I guess. Alabama won the SEC Love-fest College Football Playoff last night, and here’s how.

How convenient. The officials kept missing calls last night, and somehow it always favored Alabama.

Bama player loses mind. As if punching a player wasn’t enough, Mekhi Brown apparently went after his own coach.

THE OTHER CHAMPIONS. Alabama won the game, but UCF and a whole bunch of other teams (INCLUDING IOWA STATE) are actually champions too.