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Three Things We Learned: TCU

Send some offensive help!

Iowa State v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Iowa State’s defense continues to hold strong while the offense once again is looking for some answers to their woes. Iowa State ultimately fell to TCU 17-14 on Saturday night but it wasn’t without learning a few things along the way.

The Offense Needs Something

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Iowa State’s offense is not good right now. The Cyclones are only averaging 18 points a game at the moment, Zeb Noland passed for under 100 yards on Saturday, Hakeem Butler was targeted only a few times, and David Montgomery is banged up to the point that Matt Campbell is concerned about it.

The Cyclones are going to have to figure out how to score some points. Matt Campbell’s philosophy is a grind it out type of offense and then play great defense behind it, but you can grind teams out and average more than 18 points a game. They will need to find a spark soon, whatever that may be.

Defense Carries The Team

Make no mistake about it, Iowa State is a defensive team, and it’s no secret. While the offense continues to find it’s way, John Heacock’s group will have to hold the fort down. No matter what, Campbell has to feel positive about the fact that he can count on his defense to keep them in each and every game. For that reason, Iowa State will likely have a chance to win every game they play, regardless of the struggles on offense.

Injury Bug Continues To Strike

Going forward Iowa State will have to fight the injury bug. First Kyle Kempt, then Chase Allen and Josh Mueller, and now David Montgomery. Key pieces of the team are banged up and may be unavailable for some time. The depth that Matt Campbell has put in place over the last three years will now be tested, as the Cyclones will have to put the “next man up” theory to test as they enter a crucial stretch of the schedule.