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The Wide Right & Natty Litecast: Episode 3


The Wide Right & Natty Litecast is back once again for a fun episode devoted to tackling the Cyclones win over Oklahoma State, conspiracy theories, and other random stuff.

The highlight of the podcast is probably discussing the benefits Natural Light 77 pack, as well as how we get a hold of one.

Be sure to join us once again for Wide Right & Natty Live! on Saturday afternoon. Levi, CYHusker, Matthias, and others will be podcasting from lot G2 around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. There will be beer, koozies, drinking games, and general tomfoolery.

Let us know if you have any topics for the next edition of this podcast, and be sure to leave us feedback in the comments.

*** Apologies for any of CYHusker’s audio that appears distorted - my microphone did not like me for some reason ***