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Wide Right & Natty Live! Moved to Lot C3 for Saturday

Iowa State has closed all grass lots for Saturday.

Iowa State has closed all grass lots for the Saturday due to heavy rain over the past few weeks.

As much as we would like to return to the student lots for this week’s show, that will have to wait a couple weeks until Homecoming. Thus, we will be doing the show live from LOT C3 at 2:30 PM! Unlike the last show when CYHusker decided that a wedding was somehow more important than Iowa State football, we’ll have plenty of our limited edition WRNL koozies available to anyone that wants one!

If you’re going to be tailgating on Saturday and you can make it over to C3, come have a beer with us and listen to the show. As anyone who’s listened to show either at our tailgate or through the stream can tell you, we definitely have a good time. We even bought a new speaker to use during the show to make sure everyone can hear us.

Also, if you have a Natty Lite 77-pack you’re willing to share with us, you are automatically pre-qualified to take part in the show as our guest picker.