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The Mid-Morning Dump: Monte Morris is Good at Basketball

Name the band.

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ALL I WANT Iowa State has built incredible depth on the defensive side, and that’s the theme the Matt Campbell wants to become the norm.

STUFF IS MESSED UP If you didn’t catch this yesterday, Brent Blum and Kirk Haaland give one of the best cases I’ve ever read for why the Big 12 actually DOES play defense.

THE FUTURE IS NOW Danileson Ike has been a longtime target for Matt Campbell. Where does Iowa State stand with him, as well as their other key targets on the court and on the gridiron?

TRUST IN YOU As he gets more playing time and more chances to make plays with his legs, Brock Purdy is going to have to learn how to protect himself.

YOU’RE GONNA GO FAR KID Monte Morris has played extremely well for Denver, and he’s giving them a ton of confidence in his ability to lead the second unit.

DAMMIT, I CHANGED AGAIN Joel Embiid has inked a new shoe deal to switch from Addidas to Under Armour, and he doesn’t want it be just another shoe deal.

THE WORST HANGOVER EVER Jimmy Butler returned to Timberwolves practice yesterday, and made sure to let the organization know how much they need him (or at least how much he thinks they need them). This may be the latest sign that the Bulls may have actually come out ahead on the trade that sent Butler to Minnesota in exchange for Zach LaVine.

SECRETS FROM THE UNDERGROUD Here’s some betting advice for games around college football, including a pick on our game.