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Tailgate Preview: Riot Bowl

Time to get wild Ames

Once a year West Virginia and Iowa State get together in one of the greatest rivalries know to man, the “Riot Bowl”. This year we are fortunate enough to host this great contest in Ames. While we have battled heavy rain and have waited two long weeks to tailgate, we’re about to get crazy. Remember the grass lots are indeed closed tomorrow, but that shouldn’t stop us from having a great time. Let’s dive into tomorrow’s tailgate!

Weather: Cool and Cloudy

The weather has been a hot topic over the last week. Thankfully the rains have subsided and we can avoid a tailgate on an ark (though tailgating on a boat does sound fun). The weather is looking great for a tailgate and game on Saturday. We are looking at a high of 54 degrees, and come game time we will see those temperatures dip into the 40’s. So naturally, we see 70’s in the beginning of the week and 40’s later on. Welcome to Iowa, Mountaineer fans.

Drink: Whiskey Sours

Nothing screams warm me up like some nice whiskey. My personal favorite whiskey-based drink is a whiskey sour. These are certainly primed to get you ready for a great football game on Saturday night, and they are bound to make you a little crazy. Nothing says “Riot Bowl” like a bunch of Cyclone fans hopped up on some whiskey.

Please use this accurately drawn recipe for your guide to making whiskey sours. If you don’t want too, that’s fine. Add more whiskey, I really don’t care. Just have at it and get crazy.

Food: Boilermaker Chili

There’s no better cold weather food than chili. I think this may be a great time to whip some out for a tailgate. This boilermaker chili is certainly bound to be a fan favorite, and you may even want to share with some of our friends from West Virginia. That’s if they were gutsy enough to make the trip to Ames. Time will tell. This chili with some whiskey sours is bound to make your tailgate a fart infested extravaganza.

Game: Beer Pong

Did someone say Riot Bowl? Yes, yes we did. Since we are looking the Riot Bowl right in the face, why not bring out one of the most intense tailgate games there is. Beer Pong. You all know the rules, so have at it. Loser takes a shot of whiskey. Game on!

Song: Riot- Three Days Grace

You knew it was coming.

Reminder: We will be broadcasting Wide Right & Natty Live from lot C3 at 2:30pm! Be sure to stop by and grad a koozie and have a few Whiskey Sours with us! See you all on Saturday!