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The Mid-Morning Dump: Riot Bowl Victory

Iowa State picked up a huge win over the weekend.

RIOT BOWL Iowa State put on a defensive clinic in a 30-14 win over West Virginia.

HIGHLIGHTS Watch a lot of sacks and some sick jukes.

ACCOLADES David Montgomery had a career best performance and got recognized for it.

‘CROOTIN Five star recruit Xavier Foster appeared to have a good time in Ames.

MADNESS Lindell Wigginton had a really nice dunk.

SEC! SEC! SEC! LSU destroyed Georgia, as the SEC continues to beat each other up.

FREE FOOTBALL Oregon played another overtime thriller, but they won this one.

NOT SO SPECIAL TEAMS Rutgers had one of the worst sequences in football history.

CHOKE The Bears and Dolphins played a pretty bizarre game, Chicago didn’t come out on top.

SNF CLASSIC Two of the best teams in the league went back and forth, New England came out on top.

ALL TIED UP The NLCS and ALCS are both knotted up at 1-1.