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The Mid-Morning Dump: Public Reprimand Edition

Iowa State appealing the fine issued by the Big 12

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A STORM IS BREWING - Iowa State is firing back on assertions that the proper protocols were not followed during Saturday’s Riot Bowl celebration.

BIG PLAY ‘TE - The Trib takes a look at Deshaunte Jones and the stellar season he is having.

ON A ROLL - Taking a look at the ISU Women’s Volleyball team’s recent winning streak.

YOUNG SIDELINED - Solomon Young will see a specialist regarding a recurring groin injury, and is out indefinitely.

THRILLER IN LA- Cody Bellinger’s hit and Manny Machado’s slide sent the Dodgers home winners in the wee hours of the morning.

BUSTED - The Astros were caught shooting video monitoring the Red Sox during Game 1 of the ALCS. No word on if the Big 12 will levee its own fine on the matter.

STILL GIVING BACK - An interesting look at how former Bills owner Ralph Wilson continues to give to both Buffalo and Detroit.

NBA IS BACK- The defending champs started the season on the right foot.