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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sports Equinox

So many sports, so little time

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MOAR BYE WEEKS. Just what you wanted to hear: Iowa State has 2 bye weeks next fall.

UNCLE RANDY DRINKS KOOL-AID. Randy sees a path to 9-3, and I for one am here for Kool-Aid Randy.

SOLOMON YOUNG OUT 2 MONTHS. Solomon Young will miss 2 months after having groin surgery.

SPORTS EQUINOX. So. Much. Sports. 6 pro leagues + college football all played last night, at the same time.

WELCOME TO L.A., LEBRON. LeBron had better get used to losing this year in Los Angles.

MANNY MACHADO, THE VILLAIN. Is Manny Machado a dirty player? Probably. Does he care? No.

RED SOX TO THE WORLD SERIES. Boston is BACK in the World Series, beating the Astros last night in Houston.

BLOWOUT ON THURSDAY NIGHT. Josh Rosen was not spectacular for the Cardinals last night.

SELECT CONTRACTS INSTEAD OF ONE AND DONE. The NBA G-League will be offering $125,000 contracts for 18 year-olds who don’t want to be a one-and-done college player.

THE RICH MAY GET RICHER. Check out this interesting piece on a rule NFL owners voted to do away with that may allow them to cash in on other professional sports teams.

THE TANK IS ON. The Raiders won’t admit it, but they’re tanking.

GAMEDAY TO PULLMAN. Which means that liquor stores and pot shops are about to have a banner weekend.

NFL WEEK 7 PREDICTIONS. The are here. Check them out.