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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mahomes Magic Edition

Game Notes BINGO?


GAME NOTES FOR SATURDAY. Iowa State and Oklahoma State have both made about 80 pages of material for Saturday. Also, what are your thoughts on having a “game note bingo” for Saturday’s matchup?

WINDY CITY COLLEGIATE UPDATE. The golf is T-10 thanks to the efforts of Chayanit Wangmahaporn.

SENIOR CLASS AWARD CANDIDATE. Outside hitter Jess Schaben is part of the Top 30 for this prestigious award.

ISU > ISU. Iowa State swept Illinois State in D1 (ACHA) Hockey over the weekend. Iowa State will take on Bama this weekend.

NCAA LUNACY. Apparently, you can’t set up GoFundMe campaigns to help players recover from injuries.

WE’RE #48! Check out all 130 S&P Rankings here.

MAHOMES MAGIC. Patrick Mahomes, the Texas Tech star that once lost to Iowa State 66-10, had a fantastic showing on Monday night.