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Introducing New WRNL Contributor Austin Keeney

I’m a #BlogBoy now.

Hello Cyclone Nation!

My name is Austin Keeney, and I’m very excited to be joining the esteemed WRNL staff. I’ll be contributing to basketball coverage as well as providing some (attempted) humor that you’ve come to expect here.

As for my background, I’m from the small town of Carlisle, Iowa. I am a 2016 graduate of Iowa State with a finance degree. I am now living and working in Ankeny, Iowa. I’ve always been a bit of a college sports junkie. I watch a ton of games and I’m a sucker for click bait. I’ve been an avid reader of WRNL for years, so I’m looking forward to being on this side now. Outside of sports, I enjoy attending bar trivia nights, firing up the grill, and watching any TV that can make me laugh.

My Iowa State history is not uncommon. I belonged to a Hawkeye family growing up, and carried that fandom with me to Iowa State. However, I didn’t end up being that guy who wears the Iowa gear around campus (seriously, know your surroundings). While I can’t think of a particular moment where the switch flipped, I became a Cyclone during my years as a student. I loved my time there. I’ve stood in the freezing cold for hours just to get a decent seat at a game. I’ve tailgated no matter the weather or time of day. Some of my favorite memories were attending games at Hilton and Jack Trice, participating in intramurals, and playing pickup basketball at the gym.

These days, I enjoy the spirited back and forth with my family now that I’m on the correct side. I’ve learned that being an Iowa State fan isn’t easy, but that’s why we are special. Our passion knows no bounds, and we stick by our Cyclones no matter what.

My goals at WRNL are simply to have some fun writing about the Cyclones, and churn out enjoyable content for you readers. I’m very much just a fan sharing my opinion so I look forward to your feedback and opinions as we take this journey together!

Go State!