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The Mid-Morning Dump: Corn Tortillas > Flour Tortillas Edition

The chess workout plan is here.

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ON THIS DATE. . . In 2010, Iowa State knocked off #19 Texas in Austin.

BIG XII FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP? Maybe, Randy Peterson writes.

NCAA CFB RE-RANK. We’re number 27!

MARNER’S MUSINGS. Over at the Daily, our man Marner shares his thoughts on this weekend’s game.

THIS STADIUM AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FOR THE TWO OF US (FRESHMAN). A freshman duel will go down at high noon (eastern time) on Saturday, here are five fun facts pertaining to the game!

VOLLEYBALL. The Cyclones take on the #8 Longhorns on ESPNU Wednesday.

UHHH WHAT? Old Dominion got their most je ne sais quoi win of the season with..this.. against Western Kentucky.

BREANNA STEWART. In her first game played overseas, she dropped 40 points on a 15/19 night.

CHESS IS STRHESSFUL. Burning 560 calories just by playing chess at a high level? You betcha.

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. The Giants deployed two Eli Manning QB Sneaks before throwing it to OBJ with minimal time on the clock.. Thank goodness I’m a Chiefs fan.