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WRNL Roundtable: Halloween Candy

Check out this random, wandering conversation about our favorite candy.

This conversation is brought to you by the miracle of Google Hangouts and CYHusker’s limited ability to transcribe today’s conversation into a readable format. Enjoy!

jakebrend32: Banana Laffy Taffy is the best type.

Levi: Banana Laffy Taffy is trash and so are bananas.

Matthias: Banana is OK, grape is good, and so is strawberry.

Levi: Of all the hills I will die on (and there are lots of them), Bananas Are Trash Mountain is the tallest.

jakebrend32: You cannot beat bananas with peanut butter.

Levi: Except for when you eat peanut butter without bananas.

Matthias: My dog likes bananas and peanut butter.

Levi: Dogs will also eat their own poop.

Matthias: So does Jer.

ClonesJer: the current cavendar banana may be extinct in the next 20 years Levi, it’s time to gorge on them while you still can.

Levi: Good, hopefully octopi go with them.

Jar_Lar: How do we feel about Nutella and peanut butter?

Matthias: Pretty good.

Levi: Together?

Matthias: Yes, we’re not monsters.

Levi: Never had them together.

Matthias: Try it.

Matthias: Do you like Reese’s?

CYHusker: No.

Jar_Lar: Thank you Matthias.

Levi: Reese’s are arguably the 4th best candy available.

Jar_Lar: What’s ya top 3, Levi?

Levi: In no order: Smarties, Heath, and Whoppers.

Matthias: Whoppers in the top 3?? Woah.

Jar_Lar: Good choices. My mom makes a nice dessert with crushed Heath.

Levi: I love Heath. Toffee is the best.

Matthias: Mine is Butterfingers, Skittles, and Laffy Taffy.

Levi: Malted milk is my jam.

Matthias: Smarties?? You are a lunatic.

Levi: Nah, sprinkle that shit on ice cream forever.

Matthais: MOM!

Matthias: CALL THE COPS!

Levi: Smarties are f***ing great.

Matthias: They’re ok. Just pour a bag of sugar down my mouth, it’s the same concept.

Levi: Generally speaking, I’ll take a sugar candy over chocolate any day of the week. Actually, I’d like to amend my list and swap out smarties for Sweet Tarts.

Matthias: I mean, that makes it respectable. Smarties are like the child candy that’s trying to get to the big boy table, but really shouldn’t be allowed. Sweet Tarts are pretty good. I’m fat so a lot of candy is good lol.

Levi: Smarties are just something I’ve enjoyed sine I was a little kid. I really enjoy Shockers as well.

Matthias: Meh, Skittles are pretty good. Starburst too. All good.

Levi: M&M’s are profoundly overrated.

Matthias: Yes.

CYHusker: Hold on now… Peanut M&M’s are amazing.

Matthias: Yea they’re good.

Levi: *Correction - Peanut butter M&M’s are.

Matthias: Yea regular M&M’s booo.

Matthias: Those are also good.

Levi: M&M’s as a concept are pointless though.

CYHusker: My top 3: Whatchamacallit, KitKat, Take 5. Honorable mentions – Peanut M&M’s, Twix.

Matthias: Wow, Whatchamacallit has snuck into the conversation.

Levi: Twix is also very good.

Matthais: Twix are good, agreed.

Levi: I’ll take caramel over chocolate every day of the week.

Matthias: Cold KitKat’s are delicious.


CYHusker: Oh my gosh they’re the best Matthias. How do we all feel about Sprees?

Matthias: I just recently started the cold KitKat thing. I was bored, and was like “huh, I bet this is good cold”. It was.

Matthias: Sprees are good.

CYHusker: Chewy or regular?

Matthias: DAMMIT I will die of diabetes.

Matthias: Chewy for me though.

Levi: Not bad. Sprees are kind of a knockoff Sweet Tart in my mind, kind of a hybrid Sweet Tart/Skittle.

Matthias: WRNL robs a candy store, coming soon to a theatre near you.

CYHusker: Anyone go for a PayDay?

CYHusker: What are the most random candy bars out there? 100 Grand? Baby Ruth?

Levi: Anything with peanuts on it automatically gets moved to the back of my list.

Levi: Fun Dip…

CYHusker: Toblerones, that triangle shaped lookin’ ass candy.

Levi: Love that ass lookin’ candy.

CYHusker: Oh, some kids I knew in middle school used to snort Fun Dip.

Levi: Nerds probably makes my top 10.

Matthais: What about Nerd Rope?

CYHusker: Ahhh Nerds damn it. Absolute mess if you spilled them on the carpet. Definitely worst candy to clean up. Hands down.

CYHusker: Remember PIXIE STICKS?!?

Levi: We always used to have the two foot long Pixie Sticks at baseball games. Those were the shittt.

CYHusker: Wow, I forgot those existed.

Levi: I don’t even think I knew the small ones existed until I was in my 20’s.

Levi: I think I just assumed pixie sticks were all the gigantic ones because that’s all I’d ever seen.

CYHusker: Anyone else, top 3 candies?

jakebrend32: 1 – Reese’s. 2 – KitKat. 3 – Twix.

Levi: Sour Patch is another great one. That’s my go-to at the movie theater.

jakebrend32: Wow, the watermelon ones are incredible.

Matthias: Absolutely delicious.

CYHusker: How have we all not talked about Starburst? Or are Mambas’s better….

jakebrend32: Now and Later is better actually.

pjozzie: Sour Patch are the best. You could… go the route of Parks and Rec… Skittles inside two Starburst.

CYHusker: WOAH.

CYHusker: Now and Later.. More like Not Now and Never.


ClonesJer: David’s answer is the correct answer.

CYHusker: What?

ClonesJer: If there is no chocolate involved, it’s out. Anything sour is out too.

ClonesJer: First Commandment: Thou shalt not worship any candy besides Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Jar_Lar: Sour Patch Kids are great, each color tastes differently (I’ve had many a debate on this topic).

Levi: Chocolate is just not a requirement for me. Chocolate is generally the part of the candy I care the least about.

pjozzie: BTW, my top three are 1) Sour Patch Kids, 2) Twix, 3) Swedish Fish.

Levi: Swedish Fish? What?

CYHusker: What’s next, someone going to come in here saying they love circus peanuts??

Levi: Whatever those are…


Jar_Lar: My top three, just so it’s out there: 1) world’s finest band candy, 2) Dark Twix, 3) 3 Musketeers.

Levi: You out here raising money for the AV club or something?

pjozzie: Swedish Fish are legit, especially the purple ones.

ClonesJer: 1) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (all variations included), 2) Mounds, 3) Twix.

Jar_Lar: Nah just missing my drumline days Levi.

Levi: We sold McNess for band.

pjozzie: We did a carwash.

Levi: With bikinis?

pjozzie: Is there any other way?

Jar_Lar: I’ll swap KitKat for band candy just so people can have something to identify with. Good and Plenty are just outside my top 3.

Levi: I’m surprised no one has mentioned Butterfinger. That’s probably 5th or 6th for me.

jwilly_ISU: My top 3 is Reese’s, Butterfinger, and probably Peanut M&M’s.

pjozzie: There it is! Right on cue.


Which contributor’s top 3 candy is the best?

This poll is closed

  • 12%
    CYHusker: Whatchamacallit, KitKat, Take 5
    (15 votes)
  • 2%
    Levi: Smarties/Sweet Tarts, Heath, Whoppers
    (3 votes)
  • 4%
    Matthias: Butterfinger, Skittles, Laffy Tafy/KitKat
    (6 votes)
  • 12%
    pjozzie: Sour Patch Kids, Twix, Swedish Fish
    (16 votes)
  • 24%
    jakebrend32; Reese’s, KitKat, Twix
    (30 votes)
  • 8%
    ClonesJer: Reese’s (all varieties), Mounds, Twix
    (10 votes)
  • 5%
    Jar_Lar: KitKat, Dark Twix, 3 Musketeers
    (7 votes)
  • 29%
    jwilly_ISU: Reese’s, Butterfinger, Peanut M&M’s
    (37 votes)
124 votes total Vote Now