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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bring On November

Name the band.

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FUTURE After their second straight undefeated October, the Cyclone are taking November head-on after running out of gas down the stretch last year.

FOR A PESSIMIST, I’M PRETTY OPTIMISTIC The Jayhawks are leading the Big 12 in takeaways by a huge margin, presenting a unique challenge for the Cyclone offense.

TOLD YOU SO Here are three takeaways from Matt Campbell’s presser yesterday.

WHEN IT RAINS Offensive lineman Josh Mueller has left the program after losing his starting spot to Collin Olson a few weeks ago.

ROSE-COLORED BOY Derrick Rose put up a career-high 50 points last night for the Timberwolves. In the post-game press conference, it was easy to see how emotional it was for him.

BRIGHTER Victor Oladipo arrived to the game yesterday dressed as Black Panther.

TURN IT OFF Just 24 hours after reinstating DJ Durkin as the Maryland head coach, the University of Maryland administration removed Durkin (be sure to read some of the 1000+ comments on the article) amid pressure from social media and boosters. The players’ reaction varied from anger to relief.

PRESSURE Portland and New York City FC have moved on from the knockout round of the MLS Playoffs.