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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 16: Texas Tech Recap, Kansas Preview, Fixing Drops, and More Awesome Uniforms

What do you think of the White-Red-Red uniform combo?

Texas Tech v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

This week, Levi, Cole, and Marchie are all back to recap the Texas Tech win, preview the Kansas game this weekend, and talk about this week’s super cool White-Red-Red uniform combo.

Against Texas Tech special teams errors once again struck, with a blocked punt providing a free touchdown to the Red Raiders. Things didn’t get much better, as shanked punts and missed field goals plagued the Cyclones throughout the game. However, the offense was able to thrive off big plays to put away Taco Tech along with a a suffocating run defense that also picked off Alan Bowman three times. It wasn’t pretty, but the Cyclones got it done.

One of the mental mistakes we saw came from Hakeem Butler, as he dropped a few key passes. Marchie discussed what receivers typically due to help them refocus and eliminate the drops.

Then we previewed Kansas, and talked about the Jayhawk’s ball-hawking defense. Will Brock Purdy commit enough turnovers to sink the Cyclones, or will be able to put up lots of yards against an otherwise porous defense.

Before giving our predictions and wrapping the show up, we gushed about this week’s uniform combination, the white helmet with red facemask, red jersey, and red pants. It’s going to look excellent on TV this weekend.