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This Week in GIFs: Smack at the Jack

“Baylor smelled!... What Jack Trice...Was... Cookin’!”

NCAA Football: Baylor at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

It was very cold in Ames Saturday afternoon, but thankfully Cyclone fans brought their beer blanket.

All of us after stopping Baylor and then watching Deshaunte Jones fumble:

But the ‘Clones recovered, and Jones found the end zone shortly thereafter.

Matt Rhule after Connor Martin hit the upright on his first field goal attempt:

And then Brockmania came for Baylor, using his feet to get Cyclones into the end zone once again.

Baylor’s kicker before attempting that second field goal:

Another long drive gave Donk Drive a field goal attempt before half, and he did not miss.

Things really started heating up in the second half.

David Montgomery got smashed into a table 7 yards out of bounds.

And then Baylor got Hakeem Butler down on the ground and piled on him

And then Greg Roberts slapped David Montgomery in the head.

David tried to retaliate, and then all hell broke loose.

Then Josh Knipfel got ejected.



David Montgomery and Greg Roberts would both be ejected.

Baylor would throw the next punch, a 92-yard touchdown drive.

But Matt Eaton from the top rope got the Cyclones back in the red zone, who then scored on a Johnnie Lang run.

Baylor would counter with anther score before the Cyclone defense rose above the noise to stop the Bears.

Charlie Brewer got ejected...

... and the defense would slam the door shut on Baylor twice on 4th down.

Up next - The Texas Longhorns in what is maybe the biggest Cyclone football game ever.