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The Mid-Morning Dump: Moving on to K-State

The Rams-Chief game was DOPE.

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STILL TRUCKING Matt Campbell said he hasn’t seen any change in the Cyclones after the loss to Texas.

GARLIC Can Iowa State vanquish The Vampire this weekend?

COLLAPSE Poor shot selection and fatigue plagued Iowa State in the second half collapse against Arizona.

DRAFT PROSPECTS What does Todd McShay think about David Montgomery, Hakeem Butler, and Brock Purdy?

NEW NFL The Rams and Chiefs played probably the most exciting NFL game you’ve ever seen last night, and it might be the first sign of the new NFL.

ZION WILLIAMSON HATE RIMS. The dude can flat out fly.

TANK! Jr. Smith says the Cavs were always planning to tank this season.

YANKEES MAKE MOVE. The Yankees have bolstered their rotation with a trade with the Mariners.