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The Mid-Morning Dump: Maui Wowie

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MBB got back on the winning track Tuesday

#WINNING - The Cyclones got back on the winning track yesterday by routing Illinois.

BIG HELP - Michael Jacobson is making his mark in Hawaii

U MAD, BRO? - Gene Chizik recently reflected on his decision to leave Ames so suddenly.

GOD’S PLAN - Iowa State replaced its Dec. 1 date against Incarnate Word with Drake.

THE GAME - A look at Michigan vs. Ohio State which may have a huge effect on how the CFP looks.

SAY WHAT? - John Calipari claims he is “overrated” as a recruiter.

GETTING CLOSER - Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalists have been revealed.

SERIOUS BUSINESS - Former Michigan State president Lou Anna K. Simon faces multiple charges in relation to the Larry Nassar scandal.