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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 19: Texas Recap, K-State Preview, Chipotle vs. Pancheros, and Ames Food

Football and food. Ok, mostly food.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Cole was out this week, so Levi and Marchie held down the fort for the holiday week.

First off, we talked about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. What are some of your favorites?

Then, we dove a little into last weekend’s disappointing loss to Texas, where the Cyclones were flat-out outplayed, and the offensive line struggled. How does a game like that affect the team going forward?

With Kansas State coming to town this Saturday, Iowa State is looking to finally knock off the Wildcats for the first time in a decade. The Cyclones are favored by a couple touchdowns, but what are the main keys to the game? What will the Cyclones need to do to stop the powerful Wildcat running attack? We gave our thoughts and predictions for this weekend.

On Twitter this week, we found out that Marchie prefers Chipotle to Pancheros, and avid Pancheros fan Levi needed to confront him and find out why.

Finally, we talked about the overall state of food in Ames, and what might be missing. We both agreed that there’s great selection, but a couple main staples are missing. What chains or cuisines would you like to see make their way to Ames?