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Iowa State Puts Nail in Coffin With 42-38 Comeback

One of the craziest football games you will ever see.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Like a lot of games, Iowa State elected to defend first. K-State called a fair catch but muffed it at the 2, since they didn’t catch it that is where they start the game. Due to the horrible field position, the crowd started off more hyped than usual. The defense held K-State to nothing and they had punt out of their own end zone from the 2. This led to great field position as Iowa State started at midfield.

Iowa State moved the ball but the offense stalled and were about to punt on 4th and 8. However, a substitution penalty changed Campbell’s mind and they were stopped on 4th and 3. K-State took over at their own 28.

A pass interference on Iowa State showed promise for the Wildcat drive, but Iowa State forced a stop right after that. K-State punted again, this time Andrew Hicks shanked it 13 yards to the Iowa State 40.

This time out, the offense looked better. A 41 pass-and-catch from Purdy to Milton brought Iowa State to the Wildcat 9. A fade route to Hakeem Butler sealed Iowa State’s first scoring drive of the day. The 2 yard touchdown made it 7-0 in favor of the Cyclones.

K-State’s next kick return wasn’t a nightmare for them, they started at their own 29. Thanks to a couple big plays from the K-State offense, they marched into Iowa State territory. K-State made it to the Iowa State 17 and had 4th and inches. But the refs reviewed and determined their original spot wasn’t right. K-State had 1st and 10 at the 16 to start the second quarter. Two plays after that, Alex Barnes had a 14 yard rushing td to tie the game at 7.

Iowa State had a rough kick return of their own. A block in the back forced ISU to start their position at the 6. David Montgomery said “no big deal” and trucked a few defenders on a 15 yard rush. A big play nearly broke loose on a beauty to Butler, but a missed pass inference made them try it again. This time Purdy connected to Butler for 65 yards, he was drove out of bounds at the 3. David Montgomery capped it off with a rushing touchdown to put the Cyclones up 14-7.

A holding on K-State made their drive start at the 15. K-State continued to move the ball all the way in to Iowa State territory after a 31 yard pass to red zone of Iowa State. K-State ran their way inside the Iowa State 10 yard line. A 4 yard rushing touchdown from Skylar Thompson tied the game up for K-State.

Kene had a big return to the 37 of Iowa State. David Montgomery had a huge 26 yard rush to the K-State 37. A bad snap went a long way and moved ISU back to their own 40. Despite 2nd and 33, Iowa State got it to 4th and 5. On that 4th down, Purdy completed it 29 yards to Charlie Kolar. Iowa State was inside the 5 once again, two runs were stopped and Iowa State appeared to score, but it was called back on a weak offensive pass interference. This stalled the possession and Assalley missed the 37 yard field goal.

K-State took over at their own 21 with 2:45 seconds left in the half. After a first down, Willie Harvey sacked Thompson backed to the 22. Another huge play by O-Rien Vance moved K-State back to their own 16 and a 3rd and 26. The defense got a stop to bring up 4th down with 57 seconds remaining.

Tarique Milton fumbled the punt return and K-State took over at the ISU 34 with 46 seconds remaining. K-State scored on a 6 yard touchdown to Isaiah Zuber. The Wildcats led to 21-14 going into the locker room.

Kene muffed another kick-off but turned it into a positive, Iowa State started at their own 30. Purdy wasted no time starting gaff the half, connecting to Butler for 50 yards. Iowa State had 1st down at the K-State 20. A couple dead plays appeared to kill the drive, but an 11 yard touchdown out of the wildcat by Montgomery tied the game at 21.

K-State started their first possession of the second half at their own 27. Another big play moved K-State to the wrong side of the field, this time was a 42 yard pass. After advancing inside the red zone, Iowa State made a much needed stop. K-State settled for a field goal, Blake Lynch sunk the 36 yarder to give K-State a 24-21 lead.

Iowa State started their next drive at their own 25. In the most shocking event of they day, Iowa State got a call. Pass interference (not picked up) on K-State. Shortly after, Akers bobbled a good throw by Purdy and it got picked off by K-State. They took over at their own 8.

In desperate need of a stop, Iowa State did not get one. K-State steadily moved down the field until Alex Barnes had a 49 yard rush to the Iowa State 7. Chabastin Taylor caught a 9 yard touchdown to give K-State a 31-21 lead.

Iowa State started off the next possession at their own 19. Montgomery had enough and ran for 16 yards while abusing defenders. After an ineligible receiver downfield call, Purdy scrambled for 10 yards to pick up a first down. Purdy then threw an interception on 3rd and 9. K-State took over at their own 48 with complete control of the ball game.

Slowly but steady, K-State moved down the field. They got inside the 5 and scored on a pass to Zuber. 38-21 Kansas State.

With little hope, Iowa State got the ball at their 24. Purdy completed a 26 yard pass to Matthew Eaton to get into K-State territory. Milton took a screen pass 30 yards to the 11 and Iowa State was knocking. A creative play call at the 3 led to A Sam Seonbuchner touchdown. The Cyclones made it 38-28.

Iowa State needed a stop more than never, and they got one. Willie Harvey smoked the quarterback on 3rd down, Thompson fumbled and Mike Rose took it to the house. Iowa State trailed just 38-35.

The crowd was back into it and now K-State needed a score, they tried by starting off at the 22. Iowa State got a stop when needed and forced a punt. Down a field goal, Iowa State started at their own 31 with 6:45 left.

Brock Purdy started off with a huge scramble, 17 yards to pick up the first down. K-State interfered with a ball to Matthew Eaton and Iowa State was rewarded (not picked up.) ISU in business at Snyder’s 37. Purdy scrambled and found Butler in the end zone but he dropped it. Charlie Kolar still kept the drive alive on 3rd down. David Montgomery then scored an 18 yard touchdown to give Iowa State a lead!


The defense came up huge on the last drive. They stopped K-State on 4th down with a little over a minute left. David Montgomery iced the game with two runs that led to a first down. Iowa State won 42-38 after trailing 38-21. Iowa State ended the streak that we all thought would never end.

David Montgomery had one his best games as a Cyclone with 19 carries for 149 yards and 3 touchdowns. As did Willie Harvey on the defensive side of the ball.

Brock Purdy was 20-27 for 337 yards with two touchdowns. He also ran for 37 yards and stepped up when needed most.

The last quarter was one you would only see in an ISU-KSU game, except this time it went Iowa State’s way.

Next up is the Drake Bulldogs at 11 AM next Saturday.