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Winter Cyclone Brews

If you find yourself at home during some Cyclone hoops, be sure to have that beer fridge fully stocked with these Top 10 winter brews!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but basketball is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go... ball it up, make it rain, drink a brew!”

For those of us in Iowa basketball season can feel like this outside. But with NCAA basketball and great beers to drink during them, your evenings are already chucked full.

WRNL brings you it’s seasonal brew tour once again. Below are the TOP 10 Winter brews you need to try this wintery, cold, basketbally season! There are some fancy ones, and some not-so-fancy. But that’s our crowd.

‘Tis the season to be drunker than your drunk uncle! Go Cyclones!

  1. Shiner Holiday Cheer; ABV 5.4%

Even Frosty likes this one! Grab your bottle of Cheer! A must try for this holiday season.

2) West O’ Beer 10 Foot 10; ABV 10%

Woah, mamma! Is this one good! Double IPA brewed at a home state staple. 10 foot 10 is $10 for a four pack, but at 10% ABV and an aroma that will make you giggle like Santa bellying up to the cookie buffet, it’s worth it. Family was up there and it was so new, they didn’t even have labels on it!

3) Schlafly Chrismas Ale; ABV 8%

Sit around the yule log with this medium bodied ale with orange peel and juniper flavors. Fermented in honey,

4) Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout; ABV 11.8%

Here is a belly warmer for ya! Boulevard is a popular brewery among us WRNLers. WBS is aged up to at least a year and provides espresso, vanilla, whiskey, and chocolate all in one. A warming brew on those blistery and cold winter nights while watching basketball.

5) Three Bell’s Winter White Ale; ABV 5%

Here’s a good refreshing winter flavor if you want something not so heavy. This is a wheat ale with fruity aromas. Add an orange slice if you wish to pour into a glass. Get ready for the blizzard and embrace the winter!

Bell’s Brewery

6) New Holland’s Cabin Fever; ABV 6%

This is a brown ale with hints of coffee to give your late January cabin fever more luster. Easy to drink and smooth. Enjoy this after a long day of ice fishing or sledding and nestling up to the fire watching college hoops.

7) New Belgium Accumulation IPA; ABV 6.2%

I do have a confession on this one... I’ve drank A LOT of them. And I have recommended this one before, but there is a clear reason for it. This is my favorite outdoor grilling beer with the snow falling. I have chills just thinking about how awesome it’s going to be. Give this a try, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

8) Sierra Nevada Wintertide Ale; ABV 6%

Have this one complimented with those famous sugar cookies grandma always made, and you have yourself a match made in heaven. Wintertide ale has that nutty flavor with cinnamon spices and ginger to set this apart from other winter time beers. Prepare for the tide!

9) Harpoon Winter Warmer; ABV 5.9%

This one has been around for a while. Not new to the market, but just a solid overall winter beer. For those looking for a “lighter” option, this winter brew is your ticket. It has hints of nutmeg and cinnamon and almost resembles those fall pumpkin beers.

10) Budweiser; ABV 5%

Call me old school, but nothing brings back holiday/younger day memories than the taste of Diesel. The taste is magestic. The can is stylish. And the hangover is prominent. Grab some Buds! Or Natties, or Busch Lattes, or Bud Lattes, or whatever really.

There ya have ‘er! Try some of these brews and cheer on the ‘Clones!