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Player to Watch: Re-al Mitchell

This freshman quarterback will probably get his first bit of action on Saturday.

High School Football: St. John Bosco at St. Thomas Aquinas Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not one who believes in jinxes, so I have no problem saying that Iowa State will win by a lot when they face off against Drake. This game shouldn’t be close after the first quarter, and because of that, we won’t see much of Brock Purdy.

Logically, Matt Campbell will probably want to pull starters after they are up a few touchdowns. That could happen at any time in the game, but hopefully sooner rather later. There is no doubt we will see a lot of guys who don’t get much time to shine step in the game. A lot of freshman will see the field for the first time, including Re-al Mitchell.

Most Cyclone fans know about Mitchell. He is elusive and extremely fun to watch. If you haven’t seen his highlights from high school, you might want to check them out.

Mitchell is going to be very good for Iowa State throughout his career, even though he might not never be the starting quarterback. He adds a lot to the offense that we haven’t seen in Ames since Seneca Wallace.

We’ve been blessed with great freshman quarterback by Brock Purdy, so our expectations could be a little off. It takes time for freshman to adjust, even more so at quarterback. Starting off against Drake, a lower FCS team should be a good time for him to get used to the speed of college football.

Prediction: 2 Quarters, 12-18, 125 Yards Passing, 1 Passing TD, 9 Carries, 50 Yards, 1 Rushing TD