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The Mid-Morning Dump: Everyone Got Mossed

Name the band.

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OPEN YOUR EYES Hakeem Butler made it on the “You Got Mossed!” segment of Sunday NFL Countdown last week.

EVERYTHING CHANGES Iowa State is young, but they have a ton of length and athleticism. Now, it just comes down to how to use it.

EPIPHANY Will David Montgomery and Hakeem Butler go pro?

HOW ABOUT YOU Four-star point guard Jaylen Terry is visiting this weekend. Will he commit?

RAINY DAY PARADE Derrick Rose hit a career high seven threes last night as the Timberwolves set a franchise record with twenty threes as a team, yet, somehow, LeBron wearing a headband just about stole the show.

KING OF ALL EXCUSES Floyd Mayweather has backed out of his supposed fight with Tensin Nasukawa after claiming he was deceived, and had never actually heard of Nasukawa.

COULD IT BE Steve Kerr compared Zion Williamson to LeBron James, then asked to not be fined.

PRICE TO PLAY Bryce Harper apparently turned down a 10 year, $300 million contract from the Nationals.