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The Mid-Morning Dump: Signing Day Approaches

Name the band.

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THE CALM Football commit Darrell Simmons finally had a chance to meet some of his future teammates this weekend on his official visit.

THE STORM As the first signing period approaches, who is Iowa State closing in on to finish out the class of 2019.

GAME OF WAR Cyclone wrestling heads to Ohio this weekend hoping to continue their momentum amid their first national ranking in years.

UNBREAKABLE What football records have fallen this season, and which ones might fall in San Antonio?

SPACE ENOUGH TO GROW It sounds like major college football power brokers are suggesting that expanding the playoff might happen sooner rather than later.

RELENTLESS Leroy Sane hit this free kick to send Man City to the top of their Champions League group.

WESTBOUND & DOWN The NFL Draft is headed to Las Vegas in 2020.

MY UNDERSTANDINGS After claiming that he believes the moon landing was faked just a few days ago, Steph Curry has pulled a complete 180, now saying that his comments were just a joke.