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MAILBAG: Lindell’s Return and a Bunch of Stuff Unrelated to Iowa State

It’s finals week, which means us non-students are bored.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Texas vs Iowa State Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Since we don’t have another football game for a couple weeks and we don’t have a basketball game until Saturday and haven’t had one all week, I decided to do a mailbag to pass the time until I knock myself into a food coma on Christmas and drive down to San Antonio.

Let’s get at it.

As someone that works in the construction industry, I have literally never pondered this question in my life. However, I would argue that it has something to do with the fact that “buildings” are never truly complete. Even after the primary construction process has finished, the structure is still undergoing constant maintenance and renovations. That, or the first person to call their completed construction project a building was too lazy to think of a brand new word. Actually, it’s probably that.

Hopefully a bowl win.

Otherwise, probably this toy that moves around when you yell.

  1. Iowa State is objectively the better basketball program right now and has better players with skill sets that actually transfer to the NBA. You can tell me how great Jared Uthoff is if you like, but his skill is basically that he’s tall, can shoot sometimes, and has a set of teeth big enough to allow him to start his own lumber mill. Two of those three things are useful in basketball, but neither are even remotely unique in the modern NBA, and he doesn’t shoot well enough to warrant putting him on an NBA roster. However, Iowa State has produced exceptionally skilled or athletic players, and a pure point guard that owns the NCAA record for being a good pure point guard.
  2. In football, yes. In basketball, no.
  3. As soon as he’s ready. He’s out for Drake, but he should be back for Eastern Illinois so he can have a game to get back into the swing of things before heading down to Stillwater at the start of Big 12 play.

My guess is that the Purple Hawks will indeed cheer for Iowa, as the UNI basketball team isn’t particularly enticing this season, and Iowa is finally watchable.

Alabama. I am not and have never been on the UCF bandwagon. They went undefeated against a trash schedule and got left out of the playoff because of it. The four teams in the playoff last year were better than UCF, so I’m not sure how anyone could argue they were the national champs. Also, I’ve become profoundly annoyned with UCF fans’ incessant whining about not getting into the playoff.

Whatever the f*** that is.