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The Mid-Morning Dump: Preparing for Life Without David

Name the band.

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SUTURE UP YOUR FUTURE Matt Campbell talked about some of the different prospects that signed with the Cyclones yesterday.

3’s & 7’s With Iowa State going through bowl practices for a second straight season, JaQuan Bailey says everything is going much more smoothly.

SOMEONE’S IN THE WOLF Iowa State football’s signing day was all about preparing for life after David Montgomery.

SMOOTH SAILING The Twister Sisters destroyed Prairie View A&M yesterday. Like, 50-10 at halftime destroyed.

EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT YOU’RE INSANE An Iowa lawmaker (UNI grad) is planning a bill that would force Iowa State, Iowa, and UNI to play each other every year in basketball.

VILLAINS OF CIRCUMSTANCE After scoring a goal against Arsenal, Dele Alli was hit by a plastic water bottle thrown from the stands.

IN THE FADE Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon is stepping away from football to focus on his mental health.

LONG SLOW GOODBYE 23 year-old Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin has decided to retire due to chronic pain.

YOU CAN’T QUIT ME BABY Gen Z recruits are killing the fax machine.