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The Mid-Morning Dump: Alamo Bowl Eve Eve Edition

Lots of football to talk about!

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WINDHAM WINDS DOWN - A cool look at how OL Will Windham is finishing his career where it all began.

SCHOOL OF HARDKNOCKS - Uncle Randy describes the road JaQuan Bailey has taken to become one of Iowa State’s most prolific pass rushers.

NO, PRESSURE - Here’s how the ISU offense is approaching Washington State’s pressure-heavy defense.

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER - Mike Leach is using his Big 12 connections to help scout the Cyclones.

PREDICTIONS - The Yahoo sports staff makes its Alamo Bowl predictions.

THAT HURTS - LeBron got injured during the Lakers’ thrashing of Golden State yesterday.

SPEAKING OF THE WARRIORS - Here’s a theory .. Draymond Green is hurting, not helping.

GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT - The ESPN docuseries on the 1997-98 Bulls looks amazing ... too bad it won’t be out until 2020.

BUCKED- Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay suffered a significant injury against the Raiders.