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The Really-Late Afternoon Dump: Black Monday

The NFL regular season ended yesterday.

NO The New York Jets came calling for Matt Campbell and he was having none of it.

RECOVERY CycloneFanatic took a look back to Friday and headlined what to look for next season.

SAME 5 Steve Prohm is sticking with the same starting lineup against OSU.

ALFORD OUT UCLA fired Steve Alford and nobody feels bad for him.

16 AND DONE Marvin Lewis finally is out in Cincinnati.

AND MORE Vance Joesph, Todd Bowles, Dirk Koetter, Adam Gase, and Steve Wilks also got fired.

NO SKOL After going to the NFC Championship last year, the Vikings missed out on the playoffs.

NO SURPRISE Alabama and Clemson are facing off in The National Championship for the third time in four years.

STAGE SET The race for the Lombardi Trophy starts next Saturday.