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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Swirl Bison Edition

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Ohio State has filled their head coaching vacancy.


UNCLE RANDY ON WAZZU. Our defense has a “tall task with Washington State”.

PFF FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICANS. Brian Peavy and David Montgomery were honored by PFF.

BYE-SON. Iowa State dispatched the NDSU Bison last night.

SAVIOR Urban Meyer will be retiring after the bowl game this season, and Ohio State has already named Ryan Day as the next head coach, saving us an offseason of anxiety.

WHOMST?! Check out this Premier League goal, and then please explain it to me.

BALLON D’OR. Luka Modrić won this year’s Ballon D’Or. Deserving? Yeah, he or Griezmann (maybe even Mbappé) should’ve won.

#SANCHEZTIME. Colt McCoy is done for the season with a leg injury and BAH GOD THAT’S MARK SANCHEZ’S MUSIC.