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The Mid Morning Dump: Overrated Chant NEEDS TO END

Cyclones pick up a huge win, and the Winter Olympics kick or ski (?) off.

TRAE OUT DUELED ESPN’s first born child was outplayed by Lindell Wigginton, as the Cyclones took down the Sooners.

3SUS HAS RISEN Naz is getting another chance with Utah (Cyclones) Jazz.

GIVE ME ALL THE QBS Matt Campbell picked up another quarterback, this time it is the three star from the 2019 class, Easton Dean.

MORE CROOTIN’ 2020 Southeast Polk running back, Gavin Williams was in for a visit this weekend. He’s the 83rd ranked player in the class. AND CHECK OUT THIS UNIFORM COMBO!

BFFs Naz Mitrou-Long signed a 10 day contract with the Utah Jazz, finally bringing him and his best friend, Georges Niang, together on an NBA roster.

YUUUGE SIGNING The Cubs signed Yu Darvish to a six year, 126 million dollar contract. This might give the Cubs the best rotation in baseball.

GOING FOR GOLD The USA took home two gold medals on the opening weekend of the weekend the Winter Olympics. Here is the full medal count.

MARCH CAME EARLY Not really, but for some reason they gave us the top sixteen seeds and some people were upset.

TOP TEAMS FALL Nine top 25 teams lost on Saturday, including the number two and three teams Virginia and Purdue.