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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Disaster on Ice

Team USA’s performance in PyeongChang has many’s medal hopes on thin ice

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RECRUITING WANK.GIF. When discussing Big 12 recruiting superlatives, the fact that ISU finished 7th in the Big 12 is a “big disappointment” despite the fact that it is the highest-rated class ever at Iowa State.

NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. Iowa State still hasn’t won a Big 12 road game this year. Why not start on Saturday?

PRESENT VS FUTURE? Taking the long-term view with the 2017-18 squad is probably best, as the future looks incredibly bright.

IIIIIIII, WANNA MOCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT! Mock draft season is in full swing. Check out some dudes ranking of guys that is definitely wrong and doesn’t really mean anything.

LOWE’S 10 THINGS. If you are an NBA fan, and don’t follow the work of Zach Lowe, I’m not sure what to tell you.

NBA PLAYER CALLS RADIO SHOW. In a strange twist, the Clipper’s Patrick Beverly actually called in to Will Cain Show to argue about the Cleveland Cavaliers?

COBB AND JORDY TO BE RELEASED? It sounds like one or both of these players is likely on the way out in Cheese-land.

CORRUPTION ON AN EPIC SCALE. Not sure anyone saw this coming, or at least not to this magnitude. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports has received word from sources that information on the NCAA-corruption investigation will likely alter the college basketball landscape forever.

TEAM USA WOES. Team USA is on pace for it’s worst Winter Olympic medal count since the last century.

NATHAN CHEN, THE NOT-SO SUPER HERO. American skating sensation Nathan Chen has really struggled in PeyongChang, and many believe media pressure has played a role.

I DON’T HAVE AN EXPLANATION. Is really not what you’d like to hear from a team USA medal favorite regarding her performance in the ladies slalom.

ON THE SPECTRUM FROM REESE WITHERSPOON TO ELMO, I’M LIKE EXCITED AT ABOUT A MERYL STREEP. Adam Rippon gives great performances on the ice and even better interviews.

AT LEASE WE HAVE SNOWBOARDING? Sort of. Day 7 of the Olympics was a disaster.