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The Mid-Morning Dump: Super Bowl Weekend

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Who you got? Eagles or Patriots?

TWISTER SISTERS CROOTIN. The Iowa State women picked up a JUCO commit.

MORE IN STORR. Kanen Storr says disagreements with coaches led to release.

MORE WINGS! Seneca Wallace is on the hunt for my restaurant locations.

DOING IT AGAIN. Nick Foles led his high school team to a title after losing their best player.

OUTSMARTING BILL. Jim Schwartz is trying to follow Belichick’s path, now he is trying to outsmart him.

GRONK IS IN! Gronk has been cleared to play on Sunday night.

NEVER PLAY FOOTBALL. Justin Timberlake says his son will never play football.

FAN SHOVED. Russell Westbrook shoved a fan last night.