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5 Things I Love and Hate: TCU

Terrence Lewis, Titanic, and Late Game Offense

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Dislike: Terrence Lewis

Yes, Terrence is a freshman. Yes, he will get better with time and experience. But man, 6 points on 2-4 shooting (2-3 from 3 is good to see) with 5 fouls (which includes a really dumb technical foul) isn’t exactly something you wanted to see. He looked lost on defense, over matched on offense, and got sucked into a petty technical foul that could’ve been avoided if he just walked away or didn’t say anything. Needless to say it’s not a great look for the youngster.

Like: Hilton Coliseum (duh)

I think we can all agree (mostly) that this season is probably over. Barring a miraculous Big 12 Tournament run or the top 50 teams somehow falling off a cliff or, I don’t know, a huge pay-for-play scandal that may change college basketball history, the Cyclones will not be in the NIT or NCAA Tournament this year. And yet, STILL Hilton was fantastic. A sleepy game on a Wednesday night against a middle-of-the-road team should not be a near sellout for most arenas in college basketball.

Hilton Coliseum is not “most arenas.”

I salute you, Hilton crowd. Well done (except you, students. Be better).

Dislike: Guards Fouling

Our guards combined for 15 of the 19 total fouls on Wednesday night. Terrence Lewis fouled out, Lindell fouled out, Jakolby Long had 3. Not only is it frustrating when these guys foul on any random night, but you and I both know that Steve Prohm probably said something before the game along the lines of this:

Steve: Hey guys, not sure you know this or not, but we only have 7 guys available tonight. Maybe don’t commit stupid fouls because, you know, like I just said, we only have 7 GUYS AVAILABLE.

*Cam Lard and Talley both nod in agreement*

Lindell (to Terrence and Jakolby in the back of the room): All I’m saying is that Jack could absolutely have fit on that door! I thi-

Steve: Lindell, you guys listening back there?

Lindell: Yes Coach!

Dislike: Late Game Offense

With 3:28 to go the score was 80-78 in favor of the bad guys. Hilton was fired up, the players were ready to go... and then all of a sudden it was 85-78 with under a minute left. What happened in between? Well, for starters it was pretty poor basketball all around: stagnant offense, contested looks, and absolutely mind boggling turnovers. The one that sticks out in my mind is when Lindell made a simple pass to Beverly inside half court, and I’m not sure if he wasn’t looking or what, but he couldn’t handle it, and it was TCU ball. It’s just little mistakes like this that the team cannot afford to make at that point in the game. I think typically over the last few years or so crunch time has been OUR time. We knew that if the game was close someone would come through. But this year, a 5 point deficit with 2 minutes left feels like a death sentence. It will all come with time and experience, but still, very frustrating to witness.

Like: Donovan Jackson

We all know the story of Donovan’s father passing away this week. We also know Donovan did not have to play, and that no one would fault him for sitting. He played, and not only did he play, but he played WELL. 27 points and 9/10 at the line, as well as 3 rebounds and 4 assists. As soon as first basket went in, I think the entire fanbase could tell he was gonna play well tonight, and, honestly, he absolutely deserved it. I’ll let this video from the press conference after the game speak for itself: (Courtesy of Cyclone Fanatic)

To Donovan: Thank You