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Gary Barta Sees Own Shadow, Adds Six More Years to Fran McCaffery’s Contract

The A.D. tells Iowa fans “let’s get mad again”

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Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

While Gary Barta prefers to keep many details of his athletic program in the dark, there was no hiding the sight of his deceitful shadow Friday morning. The shady athletic director knew at that point he had no choice. He had to add six more years to Fran McCaffery’s contract.

Recently rewarded for reaching impressive levels of mediocrity, McCaffery appears to be striking once again while the iron is stale. This time, it didn’t take quite as long for the fleecing to become public.

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have looked at my own shadow,” Barta told WRNL in a rare bout of honesty.

Details of the new deal haven’t been confirmed by the athletic department, but nearly double digit sources have indicated there would be a significant bonus awarded to the head coach should he lead his team to their first win in the Big Ten tournament since 2013.

While Iowa fans were hoping for a chance at redemption in the NIT this season, it looks like they will have to wait until next year for a postseason berth. The good news for the dozens of season ticket holders though is it appears Barta has locked up their own Jeff Fisher.

Barta offered parting words of comfort for impatient fans saying “If you fall in love with the process, the process will eventually love you back”, a phrase Barta coined years ago.