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The Mid-Morning Dump: 728 Days is a Really Long Time

That’s how long it’s been since ISU lost to Texas Tech.


GOING TO LUBBOCK. Three points on ISU’s trip to the land of the Red Raiders.

NSD PRIMER. Recapping where the Cyclones stand on the “second” National Signing Day.

PURDY EXCITED. Everyone’s anxiously awaiting the decision of 3-star QB Brock Purdy, who will choose between Iowa State and Texas A&M. Also, there’s this:

BUT THE STATS SAY... Everyone’s favorite nerd Kirk Haaland is back and has numbers that tell the story behind Lindell Wigginton (& Donovan Jackson).

DON’T RHULE HIM OUT. After the Josh McDaniels debacle, could the Colts circle back to Baylor’s Matt Rhule?

PURDUE WAS GOOD. Last year, ISU lost to a good Purdue team in the NCAA Tournament. This year, they’re still good.

CHEATERS. College football team Twitter accounts got suspended right before National Signing Day.

WHERE WILL THEY GO? Predicting and tracking where the top 11 uncommitted 2018 football recruits will sign.

TRADE DEADLINE. Here are the seven teams to watch at the NBA trade deadline.

POOR PORZINGIS. One of the NBA’s young stars, Kristaps Porzingis, tore his ACL last night.

MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED. We are totally going to be on Mars soon with this technology.