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WRNL Roundtable: The Cyclones are Headed to the Winter Olympics!

What events would ISU players, coaches, and personalities be in?

Matthias Schwartzkopf: Cyclone personalities or players go to the Winter Olympics. What’s their event?

Levi Stevenson: Kempt is a curler. No doubt. Wigginton is a luger. You have to be bat shit crazy to do that. Hakeem is a long jumper

Jared Larson: If we’re going former players, Levi Peters in the biathlon

Jared Larson: Colin Downing for Hockey

Levi Stevenson: The entire football coaching staff is the hockey team. Corey Dunn is a half-pipe snowboarder, obviously.

Matthias Schwartzkopf: Campbell, snow wrestling. When they add it of course

Jake Brend: Zeb is archery. Oh nvm that’s summer

Jared Larson: In my defense, Colin was a defensemen and captain of his hockey team up in whitefish bay

Levi Stevenson: Kene Nwangwu is speed skating.

Levi Stevenson: Everybody is a hockey captain in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Jake Brend: David Montgomery is just badass

Levi Stevenson: I feel like he could be a figure skater. His balance is ridiculous.

Jared Larson: What four cyclone football players would you want to bobsleigh?

Jake Brend: Peavy, spears, jgj, chase Allen

Levi Stevenson: Bobsleigh people are sprinters. Linemen would be awful

Jake Brend: Yeah idk what I thought bobsled was

CYHusker: Which ISU football players as curlers?

CloneTeach: tongomoa as sumo wrestler

Levi Stevenson: Not even in the Olympics

CloneTeach: lame

Vegas CyClown: Lanning would be the Biathlon, wouldn’t he?

Levi Stevenson: He would do everything as his own country

Jake Brend: Male and female events?

Levi Stevenson: .....yes.

Vegas CyClown: Matt Leo - Figure Skating

Jared Larson: Laura Burns (insert any gymnast) could probably also do figure skating too

Vegas CyClown: Garrett Owens - Snowboarding

Matthias Schwartzkopf: Trevor Ryan and deahaunte Jones would be good bob sled guys. Fast and quick. Then a big guy steering.

Vegas CyClown: Just don’t say it was me that suggested Leo as Figure Skating.

CloneTeach: Fran McCaffery for water polo, trying to keep his head above water

Vegas CyClown: Zeb Noland, Kyle Kempt, Steve Wirtel, Kyle Starcevich, Jake Campos - Curling. Josh Knipfel - Luge. JD Waggoner - Freestyle Skiing

CloneTeach: Jacob Park, Olympic Village gigalo

What do you think?