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Five Things I Like and Dislike: Oklahoma State

The end draws near...

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Dislike: Inbounds Plays

Not only did the Cyclones struggle to inbound the ball on multiple occasions, they also gave up easy baskets such as this gem:

Hans had no awareness of what was going on, Jackson had his hands on his hips... *Sigh*

It really baffles me how often I feel like this team has struggled to inbound the ball this year, and to be quite honest, I have no idea why. Is it a lack of execution? Lack of effort? Poor play-calling? I’ll just chalk it up to a combination of those things, plus a lack of experience.

Like: Steve Prohm

Steve Prohm is one of the best things to happen to this program. I firmly believe that. The introduction of his version of Senior Night is one of the coolest things he does. Not only does he care about the player, he cares about the fans, the program, and everything in between. I think he will forever be compared to Fred just because he was his successor, but one thing that Coach Prohm always seems to understand is just how special this place is. The Mayor grew up here, played here, and coached here. Prohm isn’t connected in anyway to Ames or even to the university, but that’s ok. He appreciates this place so much, and man does it show.

Dislike: Cam Lard Bitching (A Lot)

On multiple occasions during the game Tuesday night, some call would go against Cam, or even against the ‘Clones, and he would have some choice words for the ref(s). Now, he’s done this for most of the season and hasn’t picked up a technical foul for it, but the point still stands. I get that he’s an emotional player, and that he plays with an awesome passion, but I’m sick of seeing him complain after any call that may or may not go against him. Playing sports often involves fighting through adversity, and pouting about a missed call doesn’t exactly scream “maturity.” Yes, a lot of players complain, Cam just needs to channel that energy some other way.

Dislike: Baseline Screens

Part of Iowa State’s basic offense involves running one (or multiple) guards off of baseline screens that are meant to free them up. One thing I noticed from Tuesday was that for whatever reason, our guards just couldn’t get open on the initial pass. Mostly the guards would come sprinting along the baseline and the primary defender would go over the top of the screen effectively negating the screen altogether. If they had been overplaying all game, they needed to either cut backdoor or make the defender chase underneath and curl off it.

Like: The Future

Let’s be honest: this has been a tough season. There have been a few ups, of course (looking at you, Iowa, Oklahoma West Virginia, and Baylor), but mostly it has been an undermanned and outmatched Iowa State team playing against teams that were just... better. Don’t fret, Cyclone fans. Help is on the way in the form of several highly touted recruits and 2 fresh-faced transfers. Lindell, Cam, and Terrence will all have a year under their belts, and should be ready to go next season. I know this year hasn’t gone as planned, but I’m not only optimistic about the future, I’m excited.