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The Mid-Morning Dump: Looking Ahead

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Oh, and the NCAA Tournament starts this week.

POTENTIAL Zoran Talley’s strong finish this past season showed plenty of potential going into next season.

WATN? Part 1 of one a series catching up with former Cyclone sharpshooter and crowd favorite Tyrus McGee.

I HAVE A QUESTION So....who’s calling plays for football next season?

SPRING BALL Let’s take a look at Iowa State’s offensive line going into spring practice and next season.

GOLDEN BOY Could Xavier Foster (Oskaloosa) become the next Raef Lafrentz?

TICKET SALES Atlanta United FC set an MLS attendance record this weekend in their home opener.

SNUBBED Who were the major snubs from this year’s NCAA Tournament?

SONICS? What does the timeline look like for the NHL heading to Seattle?

BE LIKE RONALDINHO What’s it like to be Lieke Mertens, one of the brightest stars on the women’s soccer world stage?