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The Mid-Morning Dump: March Madness

Apparently, people are still playing basketball.

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SUGGESTIONS What should Iowa State do with the scholarship left open with the departure of Jakolby Long?

SCIENCE How special teams coordinator Joe Houston expanded his role, allowing him to coach the kick-the-footballers with more than just stories and advice.

BOOM! What will Iowa State’s safeties look like next year after losing hard-hitting senior Kamari Cotton-Moya?

STREAMLINE How Iowa State men’s track and field is looking to get even faster heading into the outdoor season.

LOST IN HOLLYWOOD Drake, Travis Scott, and JuJu Smith-Schuster joined “Ninja” on Fortnite, and broke Twitch’s streaming audience record, with 630,000 concurrent viewers.

OLD SCHOOL HOLLYWOOD Lionel Messi nutmegged the keeper twice as Barcelona took down Chelsea to advance to the Champions League semifinals 4-1 on aggregate.

BOUNCE Eventual Hall of Fame tackle Joe Thomas retired from the Cleveland Browns after 11 seasons, citing a buildup of injuries.

THIS COCAINE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I’M ON THIS SONG Would Lebron James plus four Division III players make it to the Final Four?

I’ve decided to make this band theme a regular thing for the Thursday dump. Anyone who has ever heard of this band will guess it immediately. Everybody else will not have a clue.