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WRNL Xbox One Madden League Stats & Standings - Weeks 1-3

As it turns out, most of us suck at Madden.

Before we get into the weekly stats and standings, if you’re interested following the league, you can check out full stats, standings, weekly results, and team rosters on our GamerHuddle page!


League Roster

Name Gamertag Team
Name Gamertag Team
Levi Stevenson x1980sSpaceManx Jaguars
Spencer Shepherd rubberbandman34 Rams
Pat Strait RhoadsNiang2020 Raiders
Matthias Farmer Cyclone Bears
Brandon Barnes FeedbiggieB08 Cowboys
Andy Jones Crazedmichfan Lions
Chris JOhnston goaliechris Eagles
Rob Nauman HogRiderrr69 Vikings
Marcus Russell RelatingAsh2377 Titans
Dan olson Olay24 Steelers
Tyler Gross GrossTyler Seahawks
Taylor Throne LBJs Homecoming Bills


AFC Standings
NFC Standings


NOTABLE TRADES (in no particular order)

1. Tom Brady to the Eagles

2. Tyreek Hill and Pat Mahomes to the Jaguars

3. Luke Keuchley to the Lions

4. Ndamukong Suh to the Eagles

5. Joey Bosa to the Falcons

6. Jarvis Landry to the Falcons


In future league updates, my primary goal is to start adding highlight tapes. Beyond that, if there’s anything else you think we should add to our weekly updates, let me know!