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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kenji Was Snubbed

Oh, and basketball happened this weekend.


BAKER’S REVENGE. #50 Oklahoma’s tennis team beat Iowa State 4-0.

WOOO PIG CLASSIC UPDATE. The Cyclone softball squad was edged by Saint Francis over the weekend.

CYCLONE HOCKEY WRAPS UP. Coach Jason Fairman and Cyclone Hockey have goals, for next season, learn more about returning hockey players here.

NIT UPDATE. BayWWWWLLWWWWWLLWLLWLLLLWWWWWLLWLLWLor dropped out of the NIT, however Oklahoma State is still N’ IT with their win over Stanford.

PATRICK REED V. JORDAN SPIETH. Patrick Reed absolutely might’ve thrown Spieth under a bus while speaking to a rules official.

BAKER AND THE JETS. The latest mock draft has Baker Mayfield going out east as the third overall pick, meaning Baker would be the highest pick to lose to Iowa State since......who?

KENJI WAS SNUBBED. @UMBCAthletics asked for dog pictures, and here are the “top” 33 submissions.