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5 Things: Spring Break Hangover Edition

The NCAA Tournament: Where amazing upsets and bad basketball occur simultaneously!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Charlotte Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Like: Iowa State Transfers

Former Iowa State players Clayton Custer and Hallice Cooke have been making national news recently for their play in the NCAA Tournament. Custer’s Ramblers from Loyola Chicago have captivated sports fans around the country as they are the lowest seed (11), to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. The Missouri Valley Player of the Year Custer was the hero during the Rambler’s second round upset of Tennessee thanks to this shot:

Meanwhile, Nevada pulled off a stunning win against the 2nd seeded Cincinnati Bearcats, capped off by a 22 point comeback. Cooke, a starter, played 21 minutes in the victory.

Dislike: TMZESPN

ESPN is the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader in Sports” and they’re totally right. Are they the “Worldwide Leader In Things That Have Nothing To Do With Sports”? They are not, unless they’ve changed their philosophy as of late. So then why does ESPN need feel the need to tweet dumb stuff like this:

Or this:

ESPN: We’re hip and cool we swear!

Dislike: UMBC vs. Kansas State

We all know the story of UMBC upsetting Virginia in what is now considered the greatest upset in college basketball history, if not all of sports (that could be a fun debate). But how are we, as basketball fans, supposed to stomach the worst basketball game of the tournament that they played in immediately after?

Kansas State and UMBC combined for 93 points TOTAL!!! Kansas State scored 50 points and UMBC scored 43! That’s insane! How can a game between 2 of the supposed “best” 68 teams in the country produce such a stinkhole of a game? On the other hand, this is a great analogy for the NCAA Tournament, in general. UMBC pulls off the greatest upset in tournament history, then scores 43 points, while an above-average K-State team coached by a man that has been to the Final Four scores 50. Just as some teams can conjure miraculous moments, they can sure as hell lay an egg in their next game. This was an awful basketball game, plain and simple.

Dislike: Your Bracket

John in accounting, not be rude, but uh, no one cares about your bracket being busted. It’s like talking about your fantasy football team or your kids- unless someones asks, chances are high they don’t care.

Another pet peeve in regards to the tournament. When Blue Blood X loses and someone goes “There goes my bracket!” Jerry, we get it, Xavier was a popular pick to win and they lost. No one’s bracket is good.

Like: The Month of March

Ahh, March. The only month where it’s socially acceptable to do nothing but watch basketball all day. The weather is finally (maybe) getting nice, and we are that much closer to The Masters (Tiger is back!). I’d say if I had to rank the months of the year, March would definitely be in the top 3.

Side Note: If the Browns and the Kansas football team had a child, it would be the month of January. Just awful.