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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football ‘Crootin

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and Andre Ingram lights it up in his NBA debut

WHO’S NEXT? Who did Matt Campbell pick out as his stars of spring practice?

ROLLIN’ COAL Solon native Coal Flansburg commits to Iowa State as a “utility” player.

MOAR LINEBACKERS! Iowa State sits at No. 1 right for Illinois linebacker Michael Jansey.

MOAR WEATHER “DELAYS” The Musco Twilight track meet has been moved up to Thursday.

CORRUPTION The government actually views some of the schools named in the latest round of FBI charges as victims. What does that mean exactly?

FINALLY! After 10 years in the G-League, Andre Ingram finally got his shot with the Lakers. The 32 year-old scored 19 points on 4-5 shooting from beyond the arc.

THEY HAVE FAMILIES Rajon Rondo and Anthony Davis just threw down a vicious alley-oop on the Clippers.

TO THE FINALS Toronto FC is headed to the CONCACAF Champions League Finals.

SHADE Donovan Mitchell called out Ben Simmons in the Rookie of the Year race.

THE ROAD TO BARCELONA How exactly did Andre Ter Stegen end up as the keeper for Barcelona?