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The Mid-Morning Dump: Playoff Season

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Name that band.

THE MEMORY REMAINS Cyclone fans might be disappointed the spring football game was cancelled, but they already know what’s coming.

SOME KIND OF MONSTER The coaching staff is really excited about 2019 tight end target Dez Milton’s versatility.

WELCOME HOME Cyclone softball will be facing it’s first in-state test of the season against UNI.

HERE COMES REVENGE Iowa State hasn’t produced a ton of NFL prospects, but Allen Lazard is different.

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS Russell Westbrook grabbed 16 rebounds last night, sealing a second consecutive season of averaging a triple double.

BAD SEED With the Timberwolves taking down the Nuggets last night to secure the last playoff spot in the Western Conference, here’s what the first round of the NBA playoffs will look like.

BETTER THAN YOU The Penguins stomped the Philadelphia Flyers 7-0 in their first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, reminding everyone else that they’re still the champs.

FADE TO BLACK Fernando Torres wants to head to Major League Soccer, but, at 34 years old, does the MLS want him?

FUEL In preparation for the new season of Game of Zones, here’s a marathon of episodes from the past year-ish. Enjoy.

NOW THAT WE’RE DEAD The TOE may have produced the most on-brand piece of memorabilia in history.