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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa Weather Edition

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It was an up and down weekend in sports, much like the weather.

SPRING FOOTBALL The spring game wasn’t played, but the Cyclones still wrapped up spring football this weekend.

CY-HAWK VICTORY The Iowa State golfers won the Hawkeye Invitational, beating Iowa like usual.

CAMPBELL PRAISE Matt Campbell is a better coach than Belichick? I can’t deny this.

BIG SEXY 44 year-old Bartolo Colon had a perfect game through seven innings, how is he still doing this?

DEZ GONE The Cowboys made the decision to cut Dez Bryant on Friday.

CRAZY COMEBACK The Cubs trailed 10-2 and then ended up winning 14-10 thanks to a nine run eighth.

THE BEARD James Harden dropped 44 points in a 104-101 win over the Timberwolves.

TD DRAMA Terry Rozier hit what looked to be a game winner right before Khris Middelton tied it at the buzzer.

THE REST Here are the other results from a crazy opening weekend of playoff basketball.

VEGAS WINNER The greatest expansion season keeps going on in the playoffs.