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Iowa State Spring Game Recap: The Eth-Thee-L-Eth-U Mud Dogs Won the Boybon Bowl!

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It’s because we didn’t hold anything back!

After announcing that waterboy-turned-All-American linebacker Bobby Boucher would not be playing in this year’s Bourbon Bowl against hated rival Louisiana Cougars, most considered to the game to be over before it even began. And they were right.

UL’s Hollinsworth ran the opening kickoff back from the back of the endzone for a 109 yard touchdown, almost completely untouched. Throughout the first quarter, UL continued to dominate, holding a 17-0 lead by the end of the first period, and a 27-0 lead at halftime. All hope was lost and the final game of the season was all but over.


Out of nowhere, Bobby Boucher and his momma turned up at halftime, after his mama drove their fanboat directly into the stadium.

Boucher stepped into the locker room and delivered an inspiring halftime message to his downtrodden teammates. After a few Mud Dogs shared a few of their memories of Boucher’s incredible season, The Waterboy himself stepped in and asked, “Remember that time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl, do ya!?”

After returning to the second half the Mud Dogs came out reinvigorated. On SCLSU’s first defensive possession, Boucher cannoned through the Cougar offensive line and forced a fumble on a double reverse, ending in a fumble recovery for a touchdown. He really knocked the poop out of that receiver.

Recognizing Boucher’s impact on the game, UL coach Red Beaulieu told his offense to simply kneel the ball, taking The Waterboy out of the game and forcing the struggling Mud Dawg offense to beat them. On the next possession, Coach Klien dialed up his own double reverse, which ended up being pitched a third time back to SCLSU quarterback Gee Grenouille, who ran it the rest of the way to the endzone to make it 27-14 Cougars.

After the Mud Dog offense decided to finally show up, Beaulieu then turned to star defensive player Greg Meaney to carry the bowl and attempt to beat Boucher with physicality. Fighting fire with fire turned out poorly Beaulieu, as Boucher proceed to jackhammer (courtesy of Captain Insano) Meaney at the line of scrimmage. Then, a Derek Wallace field goal brought SCLSU within 10.

After utilizing some bizarre defensive shifts to stifle the Cougar offense, Coach Klien dialed up a fake field goal, using Bobby Boucher as a lead blocker for the running back to carry it to the endzone and pull it to 27-24. It was the last game of the season, and Klien couldn’t hold anything back.

With 14 seconds left, Wallace kicked it onsides, which was miraculously recovered by Boucher to give the Mud Dogs a chance to tie the game. However, during his celebration Boucher was levelled by a Cougar player, knocking him completely unconscious. Boucher’s girlfriend Vickie Valencourt immediately rushed to his side, feeding him some water from a special flask. After a few seconds, Boucher lept from the ground, seemingly instantly cured by the high quality H20. Apparently all he needed was some water.

Since Coach Klien couldn’t hold anything back in the last game of the season, for the final play of the game, the Mud Dogs elected to go for the win. After a quick pitch from Greenouille to Boucher, The Waterboy tossed a 60-yard bomb back to his quarterback in the endzone to seal the 30-27 Bourbon Bowl victory for SCLSU, and it was because he didn’t hold anything back!

After sideline reporter Lynn Swann asked Boucher for his thoughts about the game, The Waterboy simply replied with “I love Mama!”