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Quality Texas Tech Basketball: Gone, but Not Yet Forgotten

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A tribute to the rise and fall of an empire.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Villanova vs Texas Tech Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We gather here today to mourn the loss of the first watchable Texas Tech University basketball team in over a decade. Following the departure of stars Keenan Evans and Zach Smith, as well as freshman standout Zhaire Smith and senior contributors Niem Stevenson, Tommy Hamilton, and Justin Gray, the days of Tech’s place of relevancy in the Big 12 basketball hierarchy appear to have ended as quickly as they began.

Today, WRNL and our fellow Big 12 SBNation blogs have decided to lay down our pitchforks and pay our respects to the “Cash Me Ousside” Girl of Big 12 basketball programs.

Thoughts from our fellow Big 12 SBN Blog Family:

“Here for only a little while, but still managed to overstay their welcome..” -Tyler, Cowboys Ride for Free

“Like Icarus, they flew too close to the sun. They then plunged earthward, making a strangely satisfying squishy noise after achieving terminal velocity. We’re sending the dry cleaning bill to Kirby Hocutt. He’s EMAW. He’ll cover it.” - Jon, Bring on the Cats

“The real lottery picks are the friends you made along the way.” - The Smoking Musket

“Death is not the greatest loss in life; the greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Texas Tech, your brief fling with relevancy might be dead, but the greatest loss was us dying inside watching it happen.” - Matt Nelson (CYHusker)

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because your program produced 4 months of basketball that was worth watching for the first time in 15 years” - Also Matt Nelson (CYHusker)