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The WRNL Top 10 Drink List for Summer 2018

Because summer is patio drinking season.

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For those of us in Iowa, we have waited a LONG time for this warmer weather. Some of the coldest temperatures on record to start the 2018 year, followed by 12”+ of snow in late March, AND then a light white blanket again in April. Only to be followed up with more mid April winter advisory, tornado warnings, flash floods, and blizzard warnings all in one day. Summer and warm weather, we’re ready.

Summer is an action packed season in America. We Americans enjoy baseball, softball, family vacations, water parks, boating, campfires, flips flops, Aviators, mowing the lawn, grilling, and crackin’ cold ones during our summer months. Since we are still a few months away from college football, let’s kick back in the lawn chair with a perfected summer drink for 2018. Cheers to all of you!

Here at WRNL, we love our sports, we love our food, and we love our Cyclones. So say it with me now, WE LOVE OUR DRINKS! So stand up and party, because these are the top 10 summer beverages you need to try this summer!

1) Grapefruit Jalapeno Mojito

Come again? That’s right. Grapefruit Jalapeno Mojito. Let’s kick this list off right. I give props to Iowa’s #1 vacation destination: The Iowa Great Lakes. Hit up East Lake Okoboji’s Barefoot Bar for an assortment of drinks. They have numerous cocktails and beers to choose from. Order this with a souvenir cup and enjoy the citrusy-spicy combo with your mojito mix. Want to make it yourself? Svedka makes a Grapefruit Jalapeno vodka. Sounds odd, which it is, but damn good! Live with no regrets this summer and drink this.

2) Orange Shandy

Leinenkugel’s is one of my favorites in general. Orange Shandy is another great one. With a high demand from customers wanting Orange Shandy in sixers, Leine’s listened. The summer of 2017 was met with high demand of Orange Shandy only to be found in the sampler pack. Now released in six packs, it’s flying off the shelves. If you like Leine’s Summer and Grapefruit Shandy, you’ll love this one. HyVee had $5 six packs, which I took advantage of (see below).

3) Pacifico

Pacifico and chasin’ lime, it’s easy livin’ down in paradise. Pour me another one! I personally like Landshark, but Pacifico is right behind it, and Pacifico is better than Corona. Yeah, I said it. Sorry. Slice up a lime, thumb it, turn over and let the lime mix. My personal favorite is Dos Equis. Below was my 2 for 1 order at La Cantina in Cedar Rapids. Both are great.

4) Beatnik Sour by Exile

Sour beers are the new hipster thing, y’all. Bought this at Hy Vee and it is excellent. If you haven’t had a sour beer, try this one. As the weather warms up, you will want to have this in the Beer Fridge Library.

5) Gin Fizz

A classic liquor in an easy to make cocktail. My “older relatives” always talked about gin. I thought it was an old man’s drink.

Gin is great anytime, but perfect for the summer. Take your favorite gin, (mine is Tanqueray), combine with a teaspoon of sugar and fresh lemon juice, and shake. Fill remainder with club soda. Add a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary for a classy garnish.

Drink Kings

6) Radler by Boulevard

I have mentioned this one before, but damn it is good! Lemon Ginger beer. It literally tastes like what summer should. I enjoy this one after mowing. It tastes even better if you get some of those fresh grass clippings in there. Get it before they run out, because they have two years straight now. I have not had it (yet) but they also have a Cranberry Orange Radler.

7) Coconut Rum Pineapple Cup

Not sure how much more summer or tropical one can get on this one. To really make this the drink it is, you need real pineapple(s). Cut off the top off the pineapple and use a pineapple corer, dig out the center piece left, then pour in your mixers. Depending on the size of your pineapple, add coconut rum accordingly. I like Ron Diaz personally. Then, add orange juice and canned pineapple juice. Top with umbrellas, plastic flamingos, or any other decor you aspire. Welcome to paradise!

8) Cucumber margarita

Next to lemon, summer isn’t complete without a cucumber. There’s some great cucumber drinks out there. Cucumber margarita is one of them. Refreshing and tastes like you just came from the garden!

9) Bourbon Mule

I told the other writers here that I became fond of this drink during basketball season. Personally, I think it is a summer drink. The taste will take me back to snowy nights during basketball, but it is a mule. Mules are popular in the summer months.

This has a twist to it. Instead of vodka, use bourbon. I like Buffalo Trace bourbon. Add in your favorite ginger beer brand, squeeze some fresh limes for the juice, and enjoy! Good patio sipper during the Baltimore Orioles Cubs or Cardinals games. Who the hell likes the Orioles?!?! I’ve also displayed to you all my favorite drink cup.

10) Coffee and Pie

I’m a sucker for country music, and Kenny Chesney ranks up there for me. He also has a great line of Blue Chair Bay rums. We have gotten pretty fuzzy before water skiing at the lake from this exact drink. Use equal parts of Key Lime Rum Cream, Bailey’s Coffee Liquor, and club soda. A great way to start off the morning. Rise ‘n shine!

Blue Chair Bay Rum


Quite possibly the “new thing” for this summer is the Rose Cider. I’ve had Angry Orchard’s and it’s good. Rose is a type of wine that is a more pink color. It is a semi dry wine. Now combine this with cider, and you have the new buzz words for alcohol for 2018. What I liked about Rose Cider was that it wasn’t too sweet like normal hard cider. With the semi dry wine flavor it won’t give you the “gut rot” that normal hard cider does. There are other brands out there that make Rose Cider as well. Jump on the band wagon!

Enjoy this top 10 list camping, boating, sitting on the patio, in the dug out during the little league game, or anywhere else this summer of 2018 takes you!

Cheers to you all and GO CYCLONES!