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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State is a Powerhouse


HOCKEY CROOT. Joey Marcuccilli has committed to play for Cyclone Hockey, look for big hits from Joey this upcoming season!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK. Logan Schaben has been honored as Big XII PotW following her 4 for 8 performance that included two home runs.

CLYBURN CAN BALL. Will Clyburn scored 16 points (7-12 FG) and added 7 rebounds to lead CSKA (Russia) to an 89-84 win over Khimki in Game 2 of the EuroLeague quarterfinals. (Modified tweet via. @PITourney)

LINDWALL CAN (GOLF) BALL. The freshman from Cedar Rapids fired a 65 in the Second Round of the Big XII Golf tournament yesterday. Additionally, the Cyclones as a whole are leading the pack.

LEAFS WIN. Also, a very moving Ô Canada was sung before the game.

MATT KENSETH IS BACK. The robot has returned to race part time for Roush Racing.

ROCKETS SPURT. The Houston Rockets scored 50 points in a quarter against the Timberwolves.

INGLESH, DO YOU SPEAK IT Joe Ingles is probably your new favorite Australian basketball player.