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The Mid-Morning Dump: B1G Drought Continues

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The Big Ten hasn’t won a basketball title since the Blarge.


WIDE RECEIVER DEPTH. Even though the likes of Murdock, Lazard, and Ryen are leaving, talented players are still here.

BRUZZY CHALLENGE. The women’s golf squad is just four strokes behind Texas A&M, with the final round being played today.

JOEL GORDON MEETS THE PRESS. He brings up ISU’s QB battle in this CFTV.

HOUSTON WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM. Special Teams Coach Houston brings up what’s popping in his area.

ONE SHINING MOMENT ARCHIVE. The Register compiled every One Shining Moment since its inception in 1987.

DONTE’S INFERNO. The Villanova bench player dropped 31 in their national title win over Michigan.

RETIRE 22 AND 33. The Sedin twins of Vancouver announced their retirement effective at the end of the season.

SLOW BOI. Edwin Encarnación somehow hit an inside the park home run yesterday.

PURDUE COACH LEAVING. Purdue’s special team coordinator is leaving to open a Chick-Fil-A franchise. Notably, a Jayhawk safeties coach recently left to pursue an oil related career. What’s next? Matt Campbell leaving to work for Advocare?